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   PT Inter Aneka Lestari Kimia was founded in 1985. The Masterbatch and Polymer Compound business division was established in 1990 to serve the growing plastic processing industry in the country. The factory was located in Tangerang with a total area of 23,000 sqm, equipped with many machines and laboratory facilities.

   To keep in line with the growing demand of the plastic masterbatch and compound products in the domestic and overseas markets, PT Inter Aneka Lestari Kimia has expanded the factory last year (2007) at the new site in Balaraja (Banten province), with a total area of 40,000 sqm. The plant was expanded with several new machines, coming to a total capacity of 25,000 TPA to accommodate also the expanding product range. This new site has also been prepared for several further production lines to service the market needs in the coming years.

   Since its establishment in 1990, PT Inter Aneka Lestari Kimia has been playing its role and proven itself as an important player in the plastic processing industry countrywide. The achievement of the ISO 9001 certification in the year 2000 and the implementation of 5R signifies the company's commitment to the quality management system. Throughout its sales and distribution centers in Jakarta , Bandung , and Surabaya , PT Inter Aneka Lestari Kimia provides its assurance on the highest degree of product and service quality to its clientele. For further improvement, we are now striving for OHSAS 18001 certification, committing ourselves to the care for the health and safety of our stakeholders.


what ' s new ?
what ' s new ?
What kind of product needed to improve the stability in processing?

In processing polymer, there are some problems related to the heat stability of polymer itself and also the flow of the polymer.
To reduce the possibility of heat unstability, customers are suggested to use Intanox
To improve the flow of the polymer, customers are suggested to use Intapol, on the other hand, addition of Intapol, can reduce die drool and melt fracture.

Can Intasorb be used to eliminate drier?


Intasorb is designed to reduce moisture and volatile matter, the main purpose is to reduce cost in drying and eliminate drier utility
What is shrinkage?
Shrinkage is commonly occured in polymer, due to its polymer crystalinity, each type pf polymer will have different percentage of shrinkage To reduce shrinkage, use Intapro or other filled compound.
What is opacity?
Opacity is a measure to count how a product has an effect of hiding power, means higher opacity product can hide lower opacity product Normally, the use of titanium dioxide can improve an opacity.
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